Massive Twist in European Supercup Build-Up: Sevilla Star Ruled Out Due to Shocking Illness!

Madrid, Spain – August 15, 2023 In an unexpected turn of events, the anticipation surrounding the European Supercup final between Sevilla and Manchester City has taken an intriguing twist. Fernando Reges, the seasoned midfielder for Sevilla, is grappling with an unforeseen stomach bug, potentially jeopardizing his participation in the highly anticipated match scheduled for Wednesday night.

Reges’ Unavailability Raises Concerns

As the Sevilla squad set out on their journey to Athens for the forthcoming clash, the absence of the former Manchester City player was glaringly evident. Officials from the Spanish club have revealed that Reges’ unavailability is attributed to a bout of gastroenteritis, a stomach ailment that has left him indisposed. Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope remains as the 36-year-old might still have a chance to recover in time and join his teammates for the crucial match.


The Door Opens for Djibril Sow

Reges, who played a pivotal role in Sevilla’s triumphant Europa League campaign last season, now faces the possibility of missing out on this significant encounter. This unexpected void in the lineup could open the door for Djibril Sow, a recent addition to the squad, to step into the spotlight with a potential starting role, closely monitored by Jose Luis Mendilibar.

Coach Mendilibar’s Tactical Challenge

However, Sevilla’s challenges extend beyond Reges’ absence. The absence of Brazilian central defender Marcao, who continues to grapple with a persistent muscle issue, presents a tactical challenge for Coach Mendilibar. In the wake of an unexpected defeat against Valencia over the weekend, Mendilibar faces the task of reigniting his team’s competitive spirit and charting a course for redemption.

Manchester City’s Injury-Induced Obstacles

On the opposing side, Manchester City navigates its own set of injury-induced obstacles in the lead-up to the impending match. Renowned playmaker Kevin de Bruyne’s thigh injury, sustained during a recent encounter against Burnley, has ruled him out of the lineup. Furthermore, the absence of Ruben Dias due to a minor head injury, coupled with John Stones’ groin concern, adds a layer of complexity to the team’s preparations.

Guardiola’s Discontent with Scheduling

Amidst these challenges, Coach Pep Guardiola’s public discontent with the Premier League’s scheduling decisions is evident. The scheduling of a demanding home game against Newcastle United shortly after Wednesday’s match has sparked concerns about the players’ recovery time and their ability to perform at their best.


High-Stakes Clash with Added Intrigue

As both teams strategize and adapt to the evolving circumstances, the upcoming European Supercup final takes on an added layer of excitement and uncertainty. The suspense surrounding Fernando Reges’ potential availability, Manchester City’s injury-related hurdles, and the tactical adjustments on both sides contribute to the intrigue of this high-stakes clash. In the midst of these challenges, Sevilla and Manchester City are poised to showcase their resilience and strategic prowess on the grand stage of European football.                              For latest updates about sports: click here

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